Monday, 21 May 2012

Aspects to think about:
Qumran jar that held dead sea scrolls
There is often a box in which records are stored; a shoe box in the attic or an elaborately decorative form of protection?
The form the documents took?
Records took several forms in early history and the ones you see will vary.
Was there a scroll? They are lovely things that you unroll ahead and roll up behind as you read.
Consider Devotional scrolls:  
Ancient parchment scrolls raise many questions   Who wrote them? Why? What function did they serve?  How were they used? Are they personal devotional scrolls used prayer? Could they have been for personal study? Are they something else entirely? Many fragments exist of a wide variety of styles, age, and content representing a myriad of ideas hopes and purposes.
See images and read a review by clicking on:  Dead Sea Scrolls: Life and Faith in Biblical Times exhibition recently held in Times Sq New York.  The exhibit featured items dating back nearly 3000 years ago to the time of King Solomon.

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