Monday, 29 July 2013

Design workshops with Alysn

'Getting good ideas from nowhere and making them better'. Alysn led two workshops for Kickstart this year, and the slideshow to the right are pictures taken from a very successful day at St Pauls Wilford Hill near Nottingham. 22 participants were led through a series of exercises consisting of group work in the morning starting with mind maps of associated words, to picking out areas for repeat pattern; with time to develop initial ideas in the afternoon. The excercises could work for any subject matter and though this was based on flowers at the beginning you can see the progression to often very abstract ideas at the end of the day.

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  1. For me and for several others I talked to, this was the best experience of design work that we had come across. Alysn is a very good teacher of many subjects and an impressive artist in her own right. A very worthwhile course to have attended, if only for the content. I'm still mulling over how best to use what I've learned for the Flower subject, but will no doubt get things more focused soon. Penny, Thank you for organizing this.