Monday, 7 May 2012

ARCHIVE - the latest Kickstart programme is launched

Officially introduced by Toni Stanford at the Festival of Stitch in April, and now that the previous Kickstart exhibition is hanging at Mansfield Museum and Art Gallery, the latest Kickstart programme can begin.

An archive is a collection of historical records, or the physical place they are located. Archived documents may have accumulated over the course of an individual 's lifetime.

This year’s work will be based on a study of medieval documents held in your county archives.
Manuscript, parchment, vellum are three words that evoke a sense of past glory. They are surfaces that took months to prepare. The materials required for paint and ink being transported by horse and boat from across the world.
You are invited into your local records offices to see some of these beautiful, ancient documents and to learn their history from the County Archivists.
We have asked for documents, indentures, scrolls and contracts to be available with a high visual impact from the medieval period (produced around 1200 to 1500AD), although Archivists may choose others to show particular skills or subject matter.

This year we have changed the entry requirements slightly - you do not have to purchase the book. You can pay for a printed copy if you wish, or you can view it here on this blog. I will also send out a Kindle version or a pdf if you prefer and for all but the printed version there is no charge.

In order to exhibit your work participants are expected to attend one of the ‘Inspiration and Education’ days. It does not have to be in your own county, you may travel to whichever venue you choose, and you may attend as many as you wish.
 The morning will consist of a group visit to the county archive office with a talk and introduction by the archivist.
The County rules will vary but most have said that we may take photographs and make drawings.
The visits will last between 1 and 3 hours.
The afternoon will be spent in a nearby venue with this year’s artists.
Aspects of the mornings visit will be explored with ink, paint and words.

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