Monday, 6 February 2012

Next steps...

Whilst I don't want to impose on the work you are doing for movement muscle and metabolism and can't give too much away about the 2012-13 project, there is an interesting exhibition on at the Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire, currently that might be useful, and unfortunately finishes before the next launch...

Plus, of course the Illuminated Manuscripts exhibition at The British Library in London ending 13th March

Spinal Flat
 a new exhibition exploring the diversity and impact of letterforming, from traditional calligraphy to today’s hi-tech font design, virtual typography and street art.
Gary Breeze’s stone-carvings look at the similarity between Roman abbreviations and today’s shortened ‘txt-spk’. Incisive Letterwork focus on the sound of words being cut-out.  A new typeface produced by Jeremy Tankard asks whether a font can talk in different accents and viewers can interact with virtual typography as they move letters and words on touchscreen monitors. Julien Breton known for ‘dancing’ his letters using physical movement and light.
“We hope Signs for Sounds will bring the art, and craft of lettering to life. It’s a thought-provoking show...”

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