Saturday, 28 May 2011

Thinking how to convey movement? Consider the work of Alice kettle

This information has been taken from 'Eye of the Needle - The Textile Art of Alice Kettle' Edited by Matthew Koumis published by Telos 2002:

"they (her figures) are striking above all by their heightened sense of dynamism.  The figures jump, dance or stretch and now frequently break out from their spaces instead of being contained by them.
(Essay pg 15 The evolution of a personal style by Jennifer Harris)

Alice explains that 'because there was so much movement in the surface of the work, to have a static figure seemed almost to contradict what was happening with the materials.."

Alice Kettle has been influenced by Henri Matisse. The Dance, 1910. Oil on canvas. 260 x 391 cm, where the figures spring and tumble across the space.Matisse La Danse pg16

Kettle's 'Punchinella' 1987 : "my interest is in the emotive power of distorted form and colour"

Jumping Figures 1987 /Dancer 1988 "I love to watch dancers - they seem to embody expression in every gesture" pg 29 alicekettle movement

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