Sunday, 21 October 2012

Matlock and Lincoln Workshops

Unfortunately our booked artist Diana Syder suffered a family bereavement and was unable to run the first two workshops for us. As it was, due to the nature of the situation, very short notice I decided the only option was to run the workshops myself albeit with no idea what Diana's intentention for the session was.

Taking along my kitchen sink along with everything else I could think of, plus considering the requirements list Diana had provided, everyone was asked to take one small picture, idea, item from the mornings images seen at the archivist, plus either a word, sentence also from the mornings research. We shared the large sheets of paper and using coloured papaers from my stash cut out shapes from the mornings images,  and agreed in groups to place the images appropriately. Everyone then used the balck paint that Diana had suggested and we filled in areas around or over the images, with specific mark making - each individual sticking to the same idea as they moved around, followed by writing the words from the morning.

Everyone moved around and wrote all over everyone else's work! I then added in gold paint - from the illuminated letters and again everyone moved around with a different mark over the black and images. The entire collection was hung (briefly) and then cut up - with everyone getting allotted pieces to continue to work from.

Having been called at such short notice I have to apologise , and/ or thank the recent artist workshops I have attended, whose influences enabled me to do this - including Sarah Burgess, Bobby Britnell and Dionne Swift.

It was a good way of getting to know one another, andproducing something even for those who 'can't draw,' there was no pressure for individual achievment and had an immediacy for the ideas gleaned in the morning. Whether we will see anything in the exhibtion that came from this remains to be seen......

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