Saturday, 18 August 2012


Hi, sorry the blog has been quiet of late - I am in the middle of major house renovations at home, had my e-mail 'phished and compromised' (now sorted) and could make another dozen excuses which I won't bore you with...

See post below re an exhibition in Peterboro' - sorry not long to run now.

The workshop bookings are as follows at mid August:

Leicester full (plus waiting list)
Nottingham 3 places left
Lincoln 2 places left
Matlock 3 places left

Northampton - I have 10 places left on 6th October (it clashes with Northants AGM) so am trying to relocate the 6th October to another venue - preferably Leicester.
An additional date has therefore been added with Ali Samain in Northampton for 27th October

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