Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Jo Owen Workshop 26th June 2011

Sheffield based textile artist Jo Owen is an experienced artist and tutor; her work reflects an interest in the human form through clothing the body and figure drawings. The fascinating pattern and textural qualities produced by painting, manipulating, layering and stitching fabric and paper are endlessly explored in her work.

Michelle's prints - never underestimate the humble potato!

Extract from the kickstart book: "Bodies in water and water movement are endlessly fascinating. Swimmers, divers, sporting events or people playing, they all become distorted by water movement. The combination of bodies, costumes, tile shapes, water, reflections, lane markers all add to the pattern formed."
Capturing moving images can be difficult, movement can be difficult to draw, and Jo worked with quick sketches and lots of words to capture the moment. She used reflection as a design source and as a method of reminding herself of what she had seen.
Pva'd tissue, marbling, photographic images, and repeat pattern are all sources for imagery distorted and fragmented by the movement of water, and the play of light and reflection on its surface.
Sarah's swimmers

 In the morning Jo guided us on her own journeys through water, with exercises and design ideas; the weather was glorious and all our efforts on paper and fabric dried quickly in the sun enabling us to move on. We used sheers and shimmer, calico and paper, layering and stitching to build a number of ideas to take away and move forward.
printed sheer fabrics
Jo Gave her time to everyone individually in the afternoon to discuss ideas and ways to move forward. It was a hot bright day - probably the hottest this year?

The humble potato (with a little dressing of acrylic paint for good measure) allowed the creation of crowd scenes, cycle helmets, poolside and splashes... everyone had a thoroughly rewarding day - thank you Jo for your inspiration and guidance, the comments from the feedback sheets reflect the success of the day:

'This is my first Kickstart and I'm really pleased I've joined'
'..in all extending my horizons..'
'Interesting techniques, very good tutor'
'Jo spent lots of time talking to each person about their work and making suggestions...'

layered viewers by the poolside?

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